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Greatly revered by the Digambar sect of the Jains, the Nasiyan temple is dedicated to Lord Rishabhdev, first of the 24 Tirthankars [religious path makers of the Jains] by Rai Bahadur Seth Moolchand and Nemichand Soni.

It is situated on Prithvi Raj Marg in Ajmer, the heart of Rajasthan state in India. The foundation of this magnificent Jain temple was laid on 10th October 1864 and the image of the first Tirthankar Lord Rishabhdev (Adinath), was installed in the Sanctum Sanctorum on 26th May 1865. This work was carried out under the able guidance of the great scholar Pandit Sadasukhdasji of Jaipur.

The name of the temple is Siddhkoot Chaityalaya. It is also known as ‘Red Temple’ as it is built of red sand stone or ‘Nasiyan of Seth Moolchand Soni’ signifying the founder’s name. After the Svarna Nagri was added to the temple in 1895 A.D. it popularly began to be called as ‘Sone ka Mandir’ or ‘Soni Mandir’ emphasizing the golden structure as well as the family name.

The halls of this temple are adorned with fascinating series of large, gilt wooden figures and delicate paintings that display scenes from Jain scriptures.

Svarna Nagri

It came to R.B. Seth Moolchand Soni’s mind that 5 Kalyanakas of Lord Rishabhdev could be displayed in models.

Accordingly, the work started in Jaipur and it took 25 years to complete these replicas of Ayodhya and Mt. Sumeru. The whole structure, covered with gold leaf, is made according to the descriptions contained in Adi Purana written by His Holiness Shri Jina Sen Acharya.

On completion, the models were displayed in Museum Hall in Jaipur. A big fair was celebrated for ten days in 1895 A.D which was attended by H.H.Maharaja Madhosinghji of Jaipur. The models were thereafter installed in the building behind the Main Temple. This Hall is richly painted in variegated colours, and the walls and ceiling are covered with glass mosaic work. This portion is open to the general public.