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Main Temple

The entrance gate of the temple is made of red sand stone brought from Karauli. In front of the gateway is the marble staircase, leading to the main temple, which is embellished with the images of the Tirthankars.


The central image is of Lord Rishabhdev seated in the “Samavasharana” - in which He imparts true knowledge to the suffering humanity, so that they get liberated from the entanglements of life and death. In the year 2005, the 3 Vedi's were renovated and all the idols of Tirthankaras were re-installed amidst religious rituals and ceremonies. In this portion only Jains are allowed to perform their religious rituals.


On entering this historical temple one gets the view of the beautifully and artistically designed 82 feet high Manastambha.

R. B. Seth Tikamchand Soni laid the foundation and R. B. Seth Sir Bhagchand Soni built this Manastambha. He, along with his sons Prabhachand, Nirmalchand & Sushilchand consecrated and installed the images of the Jain Tirthankars in it. A big function was held for ten days in June 1953, where along with the members of the Soni family, thousands of others participated.


In the year 1974, in the auspicious presence of 108 Acharya VidhyasagarJi Maharaj, a big library was established by R.B. Seth Sir Bhagchand Soni. The library houses rare Jain scriptures which are extensively used for research by scholars.