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Pancha Kalyanak

Garbha Kalyanak -

The great soul of the Lord is emulated and glorified by the Celestials even six months before He comes into his mother’s womb. Saudharma Indra, the Lord of the celestials, ordered Kubera to rain down priceless jewels in the palace of his father Maharaj Nabhiraj, thus announcing the coming of the Saviour of the World. The golden city of Ayodhya was constructed by the Celestials according to the wishes of Indra.

Sixteen Symbolic Dreams
After six months, the mother Marudevi saw sixteen symbolic dreams, signifying that she was going to be the mother of The Tirthankar.

Janma Kalyanak (Birth) -

When Lord Rishabhdev was born in the royal palace in the center of Ayodhya, the thrones of Indras vibrated indicating the birth of the Divine Child. The celestials marched towards the city with great majesty. Indra, after completing three rounds of the city took the Baby Tirthankar on the ‘Airawat’ (Elephant) to Mt. Sumeru. On this golden mountain lies Panduk Shila upon which the Baby Tirthankar was seated for Mahabhisheka (the great sacred ablution) ceremony.

Lord’s Mother with New Born Baby The ablution was performed by the waters of the distant ocean Kshira Samudra, brought in 1008 huge pitchers.

After this, the celestial company returned the Baby Tirthankar to the Palace of Maharaj Nabhiraj leaving several Celestials as child playmates with Him. Rishabhdev attained manhood and succeeded his father to the throne of Ayodhya.

Procession of Celestials

Tap Kalyanak (Renunciation) -

As Rishabhdev became engrossed in worldly affairs, Indra appeared before Him with Apsara Nilanjana. She danced before Him and suddenly disappeared, discarding her mortal coil. This reminded Rishabhdev of the transient nature of the World and He decided to renounce it.

Dance of Nilanjana

Installing in his place his eldest son Bharat, He left the palace followed by 4000 other kings. Indra followed by the other Celestials, took Rishabhdev in procession to the Triveni, the confluence of the Ganges, the Jamuna and the Saraswati at Prayag ( Allahabad ) where under the shade of the Akshayavat (sacred Banyan Tree) Rishabhdev gave up the world, including his clothes and gave himself to contemplation.

Rishabhdev Performing “Kesh Lonch” He pulled out his hair (Kesh Lonch) by his own hands depicting his extreme detachment to all worldly and bodily comforts.

Lord Rishabhdev took his first meal after one year of austerities and penance. Raja Shreyans, the king of Hastinapur, had the good fortune of being the first person to offer him a meal in the form of Sugarcane Juice on the 3rd day of the bright fortnight of the month of Vaishakha. This occasion is celebrated even today as “Akshaya Triteeyaa”.

Raja Shreyans giving first Meal to Rishabhdev

Keval Gyan -

After 1000 years of austerities and penance, Lord Rishabhdev attained Keval Jnan (Omniscience) at Mount Kailash. Indra arranged a beautiful place of congregation known as “Samavasharana” where the Lord preached the doctrine of non attachment to the world. Celestials, humans, and even birds & animals gathered to listen to Him.

Golden Lotus beneath Lord’s feet Tirthankars attain the power of walking in sky after attaining Omniscience. 225 Golden lotuses are placed beneath the Lord’s feet during his travel by Indra.

Moksha Kalyanak -

On Mount Kailash where Lord Rishabhdev attained Salvation or Nirvana, his eldest son Bharat, the first Chakravarty (emperor of Bharat Kshetra), constructed seventy two magnificent golden temples.

Mount Kailash